Dr. Liaqat Ali Khan, Professor in Math. (CV & Publications)


Education: MA(Math) (1966-1968, PU, Lahore; third position); PhD (1974-1977, Wales, UK.)

Teaching Experience: 45 Years (including 13 years at QAU; 20 years at KAU)

Research Publications: (80)

Books: (3) (Test Books, Research Monograph)

Theses supervised: MPhil (14); MSc (11); PhD (3)

Research Awards: ISI Publication of Articles (1990, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Mathematical Reviews: Reviewed 58 Research Papers of various authors for the "American Mathematical Society" published in "MathScienceNet" (1990-2017).

Research Projects: (9) (Funded by the Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2000-2016)


Personal data:

Name: Liaqat Ali Khan

Date & Place of Birth: July 29, 1947 (Jhelum, Pakistan)

Nationality: Pakistani

E-Mail: akliaqat@gmail.com ; lkhan@kau.edu.sa

URL: http://lkhan.kau.edu.sa ; http://liaqat.itsmybox.co.uk/

Former Affiliation: (a) Department of Mathematics, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (1977-1981 & 1988-1996).

(b) Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, King Abdulaziz University, P.O.Box 80203, Jeddah-21589, SAUDI ARABIA (1996-2017)

Permanent Address: House No. 468, Street No. 74, G-8-1, Islamabad.


1. B.A. (1964-66) Mathematics Punjab University, Lahore

2. M.A. (1966-68) Mathematics Punjab University, Lahore

3. Ph.D. (1974-77) Mathematics Wales University, Aberystwyth, U.K.

Ph.D. Thesis: "The Strict Topology and its Generalizations" (1977)

(supervised by Dr. K. Rowlands, Wales University, Aberystwyth, U.K.)

Fields of Research: Functional Analysis, Topology, Fixed Point theory

(1) Spaces of continuous vector-valued functions (with various linear topologies);

(2) Stone-Weierstrass and Arzela-Ascoli type theorems;

(3) Vector-valued measures and integration; Riesz representation theorems;

(4) Fixed point theorems and Best Approximation;

(5) General strict topology on topological algebras and modules;

(6) Multipliers and Quasi-multipliers on topological algebras and modules;

(7) Differentiation and Mean Value Theorems in TVSs;

(8) Almost periodicity of functions with values in a TVS.

Courses Taught: (B.Sc./M.Sc./M.Phil./Ph.D. Levels)

(1) Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Engineering Mathematics, Differential Equations; Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra

(2) Real Analysis, Complex Analysis,

(3) General Topology

(4) Measure and Integration Theory

(5) Functional Analysis: Topological Vector Spaces, Ordered Topological Vector Spaces, Non-Archimedean Functional Analysis; Banach and Topological Algebras

(6) Special Topics: Fixed Point Theory, Best Approximation Theory.

Teaching Positions:

1968-1971: Lecturer Municipal College, Pattoki.

1971-1973: Lecturer Federal Government College, Islamabad.

(1974-1977: Ph. D. student Wales University, Aberystwyth, U. K.)

1977-1981: (i) Lecturer Federal Government College, Islamabad.

(ii) Visiting Lecturer Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

1981-1986: Assistant Professor Garyounis University, Benghazi.

1986-1988: Assistant Professor Federal Government College, Islamabad.

1988-1991: Assistant Professor Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

1991-1996: Associate Professor Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

1996-2003: Associate Professor King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah.

2003-Sep 2017: Professor King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah.

Theses Supervised (M. Phil. , M.Sc. and Ph.D.):

(I) M. Phil Theses (supervised at QAU, Islamabad)

1. On a class of ordered topological vector spaces (Farhad Ali, 1981).

2. Theory of double centralizer algebras (Akhtar Hussain, 1981).

3. Best approximation in function spaces (Muhammad Ali, 1990)

4. Compact and precompact operators on topological vector spaces (Muhammad Akram, 1991).

5. Fixed point theorems and applications (Muhammad Iqbal, 1991).

6. Locally m-convex and A-convex algebras (Arshad Imam, 1991).

7. Optimization in ordered topological vector spaces (Muhammad Arif, 1991).

8. Metric projections in best approximation theory (Zafar Iqbal, 1993).

9. Approximation in non-archimedean function space (Khalil Ahmad, 1994).

10. Topologies on function spaces (Ali Muhammad, 1996).

11. Fuzzy topological vector spaces (Zafar Hussain, 1996).

12. Vector-valued measures and integration (Mohammad Sagheer, 1997).

13. Weighted approximation in vector-valued function spaces (Khalida Parveen, 1997).

14. Fixed points and best approximation theorems in convex and H-spaces (Fazeelat Sultana, 1998).

(II) M. Sc. Theses (supervised at KAU, Jeddah)

15. Multipliers on commutative Frechet algebras (Areej Al-harbi, KAU, 2003).

16. Multipliers and Arens product in topological algebras (Maha Saeed, KAU, 2003).

17. Derivations on Banach and Topological algebras (Abeer Badgaish, KAU, 2003).

18. Stone-Weierstrass type theorems for non-archimedean vector-valued function spaces (Lujain Abulhamayel, KAU, 2006).

19. Continuity of algebra homomorphisms on topological algebras (Enaam Alidaroos, KAU, 2006).

20. Non-archimedean Approximation in Weighted Spaces of Continuous Vector-valued Functions (Amer Hassan Al-bargi, KAU, 2007).

21. Best Approximation in Non-archimedean Vector-valued Function Spaces (Khayriah Awad Al-ahmri, KAU, 2008).

22. Topological Modules of Multipliers (Muneerah Omar Al-ansari, KAU, 2010).

23. Quasi-multipliers on A*-algebras (Sultan Usman Al-Ghamdi, KAU, 2012).

24. Various Properties of Spaces of Continuous and Bounded Functions (Asma Thabit Al-Hamidi, KAU, 2012).

25. Convex Metric Spaces and their Applications to Nonlinear Analysis (Riham Alattas, KAU, 2013).

(III) Ph.D. Theses (QAU, BZU, KAU)

1. Random Fixed Points and Approximations (Naseer Shahzad, Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad, 1995).

2. Some Types of Best Approximations and their Applications (Nawab Hussain, Baha-uddin Zakaria University (BZU), Multan, 2002).

3. Set-open Topologies on Function Spaces and Applications (Wafa Khalaf Alqurashi, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, 2017).

Books/Monographs published:

1. L.A. Khan (with S. Ibrar Hussain and others): "Business Mathematics and Statistics", (published as a text-book for B.A./B.Sc. course by Allama Iqbal Open University, Islambad, 1982).

2. L.A. Khan; "Linear Topological Spaces of Continuous Vector-valued Functions" (Academic Publications, 2013; 350 pages); DOI: 10.12732/acadpubl.201301.

3. L.A. Khan; "Spaces of Bounded Continuous Vector-valued Functions" (Scientific Publishing Center, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah; 2017, 175 pages).

Research Publications (L.A. Khan)

1. L.A. Khan, The strict dual of C(X,E_{n}), Punjab Univ. J. Math. (Lahore) 10/11(1978), 41-46. (MR 82g: 46056)

2. L.A. Khan, The strict topology on a space of vector-valued functions, Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc. 22(1) (1979), 35-41. (MR 80f: 46042)

3. L.A. Khan, On the Stone-Weierstrass theorem for vector-valued functions, Punjab Univ. J. Math. (Lahore) 12/13(1980), 11-14. (MR 84a: 46082)

4. L.A. Khan and K. Rowlands: On the representation of strictly continuous linear functionals, Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc. 24(1981), 123-130. (MR 83b: 46050)

5. L.A. Khan, Characterizations of maximal closed submodules in vector-valued function spaces, Kobe J. Math. 1(1984), 153-156. (MR 87h: 46067)

6. L.A. Khan, Separability in the uniform topology, Studia Sci. Math. Hungarica 20(1985), 407-409. (MR 88g: 46055)

7. L.A. Khan, Weighted topology in the non-locally convex setting, Matematicki Vesnik 37(1985), 189-195. (MR 87k: 46081)

8. L.A. Khan, The countable-open topology in the locally convex setting, Kobe J. Math. 3(1986), 47-50. (MR 87k: 46052)

9. L.A. Khan, On the convergence of Mann iterates to a common fixed point of two mappings, J. Pure and Applied Sci., 5(1986), 57-58.

10. L.A. Khan, A characterizations of strictly closed ideals in vector-valued function algebras, Math. Japonica 31(1986), 45-49. (MR 87f: 46082)

11. L.A. Khan, Separability in function spaces, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 113(1986), 88-92. (MR 87f: 46061)

12. L.A. Khan, On approximation in weighted spaces of continuous vector-valued functions, Glasgow Math. J. 29(1987), 65-68. (MR 88c: 41056)

13. L.A. Khan, On a fixed point theorem for iterates in locally convex spaces, J. Natural Sciences and Mathematics 27(1)(1987), 1-5. (MR 88g: 47111)

14. L.A. Khan, Mackey space problem for double centralizer algebras, Punjab Univ. J. Math. 20(1987), 7-12. (MR 89f: 46109)

15. L.A. Khan, Fixed point theorems for Mann iterates in metrizable linear topological spaces, Math. Japonica 33(2)(1988), 247-251. (MR 89g: 47079)

16. L.A. Khan, On seminorm separability for vector-valued function spaces, Studia Sci. Math. Hungarica 24(1989), 43-45. (MR 89m: 46073)

17. L.A. Khan, Fixed points by Ishikawaa iterates in metric linear spaces, Math. Reports Toyama Univ. 12(1989), 57-63. (MR 90j: 47075)

18. L.A. Khan, Some fixed point theorems for involutory mappings in complete metrizable linear topological spaces, J. Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 30(1990), 45-50.

19. L.A. Khan, Common fixed point results by iterations using linear mappings, J. Pure and Applied Sci., 39(1990), 43-45.

20. L.A. Khan, Extensions of some fixed point theorems of Kannan and Wong to paranormed spaces, Punjab Univ. J. Math. 323(1990), 77-82. (MR 92e: 47106)

21. L.A. Khan and K. Rowlands: The σ-compact-open topology and its relatives on a space of vector-valued functions, Boll. Unione Mat. Italiana (7) 5-B (1991), 727-739. (MR 92k: 46057).

22. L.A. Khan, On the Stone-Weierstrass theorem for scalar and vector-valued functions, ICTP (Trieste, Italy), Preprint No:IC/91/257 (1991), 1-5.

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Publications during work at KAU, Jeddah (1997-2017))

35. L.A. Khan, Mean value theorem in topological vector spaces, C. R. Math. Rep. Acad. Sci. Canada 19(1997), 24-27. (MR 98k: 58023)

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76. L.A. Khan (with Weiping Guo, Afrah A.N. Abdou, Yeol Je Cho), Strong Convergence Theorems for Asymptotically Nonexpansive Nonself-mappings with Applications, Fixed Point Theory and Applications (2015) 2015:212, pp.12 . ( MR3425414)

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78. L.A. Khan (with Wafa Khalaf Alqurashi), Quasi-uniform convergence topologies on function spaces - Revisited, Appl. Gen. Top. (accepted, 2017).

79. L.A. Khan (with Wafa Khalaf Alqurashi), Arzela-Ascoli Theorem in function spaces with range in a quasi-uniform space, Journal of Math Analysis (accepted, 2017).

80. L.A. Khan (with Wafa Khalaf Alqurashi, Alexander V. Osipov), Set-open topologies on function spaces, Appl. Gen. Top. (under revision 2017).

Research Projects (Funded by Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah)

1. L. A. Khan, (with H.A.S. Abujabal): Multipliers on topological modules, Project No. (155-1420), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2000 (as Co-Investigator).

2. L. A. Khan, (with Saud M. Alsulami and Hamed H. Alsulami), Multiplication Operators on Non-locally Convex Weighted Function Spaces, Project No.(173-1427), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2007 (as Principal Investigator).

3. L. A. Khan, (with Saud M. Alsulami ), Almost Periodic Functions in Topological Vector Spaces, Project No. (198-1428), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2008 (as Principal Investigator).

4. L. A. Khan, (with Saud M. Alsulami ), Multipliers on Modules of Continuous Vector-valued Functions, Project No. (3-59-1429), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2009 (as Principal Investigator).

5. L. A. Khan, (with A. K. Katsaras (Greece), Hamed H. Alsulami), Polynomial Algebras of Weighted Function Spaces in the Non-locally Convex Setting, Project No.(341-130-1431), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2011 (as Principal Investigator).

6. L. A. Khan, (with Saud M. Alsulami ), Asymptotic Almost Periodicity for Vector-valued functions, Project No. (97-130-1432), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2012 (as Principal Investigator).

7. L. A. Khan, Spaces of Bounded Continuous Vector-Valued Functions, Book Project No.(G-43-130-1434), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2014 (as Principal Investigator).

8. L. A. Khan, (with Badriah Al-amri, Tomonari Suzuki (Japan)), Metric fixed point theory, Project No. (35-130/1435-HiCi), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2015 (as Co-Investigator).

9. L. A. Khan, (with Afrah A.N. Abdou, Weiping Guo, Yeol Je Cho) Iterative methods for nonlinear problems with applications, Project No. (18-130-1436-HiCi), Deanship of Scientific Research, KAU, Jeddah, 2016 (as Co-Investigator).

Mathematical Reviews

Reviewed 58 Research Papers of various authors for the "American Mathematical Society" published in "MathScienceNet" (1990-2017).

Research Awards:

1. Awarded by the National Book Council (Ministry of Education of Pakistan) under the scheme "Incentive for publication of Articles in International Journals" in Mathematics (1990).

2. Awarded by the Deanship of Scientific Research, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, for publication of Articles in ISI Journals (2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).

Membership of Mathematical Societies:

1. Punjab Mathematical Society (1977-todate).

2. American Mathematical Society (1984-86, 96-2011)

3. London Mathematical Society (1985-2010).

Professional Services:

1. Incharge, Mathematics Department, Federal Government College, Islamabad (1971-73., 77-81, 86-88).

2. Referee to various journals.

3. Reviewer: American Mathematical Society, Zbl.

4. Seminar Co-ordinator: Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (1992-96).

Participation in Mathematical Conferences / Seminars:

1. British Mathematical Colloquium, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1975.

2. Gregynog Symposium, University of Wales, 1975.

3. British Mathematical Colloquium, Univeristy of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1976.

4. All Pakistan Math. Conference, University of Punjab, Lahore, 1977.

5. All Pakistan Math. Conference, Univeristy of Karachi, Karachi, 1978.

6. Seminars held at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, 1986-1996.

7. Workshop on Recent Developments in Mathematics and Computer Science, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, May June, 1990.

8. Visiting Mathematician, ICTP, Trieste, Italy, June - Sept. 1991).

9. Second Regional Workshop on Applications of Mathematics (Under UNESCO), Islamia University, Bahawalpur (Jan. 10-14, 1992).

10. Visiting Associate, ICTP, Trieste, Italy (June-August, 1994).

11. All Pakistan Math. Conference, Engineering University, Lahore (March 11-13, 1995).

12. International Pure Mathematical Conference (IPMC, held Annually), Islamabad, Pakistan: I(2000), II(2001), III(2002), IV(2003), V(2004), VI(2005).

13. International Conference on Theory, Methods and Applications of Nonlinear Equations, Texas A&M University, Kingsville (USA, Dec 17-21, 2012).

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